Episode 13 – I am Enough

Is it just a dream ? Could it actually be just an illusion ? You know, until you stop and “be” for a year, where all you do is observe, and just realize that things are not quite as they seem, you find it’s not as you thought at all. It really is a game and a complete illusion. The game itself is to find out why you are here and who you are. The illusion has to be seen as a new reality. Most will never work this out, they will never even ask the questions. They will move along an imaginary path filled with resistance. The resistance comes in waves, on and on they roll.

We run around in this quagmire chasing this never ending finale that leads to nothing. It literally leads nowhere. In fact, it’s just a continual loop. This is the great mystery of everything. Where and when should we truly observe what is around us ? When I say around us, I mean the things that are there all the time, yet never seen. Why the hell do we chase money ? What I find amusing is the fact that what the money is made from gives us all a hint as to what really makes us temporarily happy. “Nature !” You have to get it through your head that, happiness is merely an emotion. It never remains constant, like all the other emotions. So why do we chase it all the time ?

Do we truly know where that stuff called money came from ? Are you aware there are people on this sphere who control every single bit of it ? It’s a game and the money is one of the many illusion’s. You know of magician’s with their slight of hand, well this is the same. They have conditioned you to believe that this worthless stuff has value and that you have no value either, without a certain amount. It had more value before it was turned into money. If you have what you need, bearing in mind wants are now needs, the real needs are rather simple.

Could it be that we are all caught up in this illusion to distract us from being who we truly are ? Could it be that the people mentioned above know, that if there were no distractions, we’d all work it out ? Well, there are some who have worked this stuff out. But it takes going against everything you’ve been socialized and programmed to believe, to acquire this knowing. All you have to do is “STOP”. Stop running to the next false quiver of happiness, for it doesn’t exist. You’ve been swindled by the same people yet again to buy stuff or earn more paper because “THEY” tell you it makes you happy.

We already have what we are looking for. It’s right in the mirror, and it’s perfection. It’s simply been “learned” to you all your life that “YOU are NOT enough”. Go and “get lost” in yourself. Let all the pain come up from places you never knew existed. Allow that voice that you avoid all the time to talk to you. It’s just your shadow wanting to integrate to the light. When you stop, allow and integrate the thing you’ve been running from, your shadow, it will become apparent that there lies the answer…… “I AM ENOUGH”

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I’ve been spending time today looking at Australian Twitter handles and hash tags. I’ve always known that this country believes it’s special and completely out of harm’s way. Today it takes very little time to see the “Experiment” taking place in this country. I’ve written about people being “distracted” previously but now, I’ve discovered a new meaning for the word, that new word is blissful “Ignorance”. To my knowledge there are maybe 2 or 3 Alternative Media channels on YouTube coming out of this country. With no disrespect to them, they’re nothing like I find overseas. The people I listen to overseas are in fact, more professional than mainstream media here in this country. My research began with these amazing overseas people many years ago because, I couldn’t find ANYTHING here where I was getting the REAL TRUTH.

Here in Australia right now are a list of the most important topics discussed, in order of what I consider to be the most hilarious.

– A new $ 5.00 bank note !
– A Royal Commission into the Banks.
– A fast train on the east coast.
– A Housing Bubble that will never burst.
– Construction Cranes in the sky.
– The National Broadband Network.
– A Royal Commission into Pedophilia in the Catholic Church.
And my personal favorite, a reality TV show called “My Kitchen Rules”. This thing has been going since it was advertised at the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis event in January. The list goes on and on and on !

There’s not been a recession in this country for 25 years. If you knew about a lack of that sort of thing, I’d say you would be like me and assume that the next one, will be catastrophic. But the current “Australian Reality TV Show” continues to rate off the charts. We are immune from anything that doesn’t involve China according to the deluded commentators here. And they all underestimate what’s actually going on there. There’s effectively “free money” here with interest rates at 2%. Low enough for the public to go out and borrow huge amounts of money to buy and sell “used” houses to each other and pretend we are all wealthy.

The private debt to GDP is the highest on the planet at a staggering 210%. The banks have massive derivatives exposure but, they all have “Bail-In” law now, so they’re fine. Australian’s believe that “bailing in” is something you do to get into your car quickly. I’m at a point now where I just don’t talk to people. If you say something like how it really is, they think you’re completely insane. So now, I just keep my thoughts to myself. I could go onto tell you all the statistics in this country but, quite frankly, I can’t be bothered. There comes a time when you can lead an Australian to a BBQ….. but you’ll never make him or her light it to start cooking/silencing the lamb chop.


Episode 11 – The Lack Of Awareness

There are a lot of people out there who are worried. They are not worried about the coming economic global reset and crash. They’ve all been preparing and planning for it, for years. They are worried about “ALL OF YOU” who have not yet started to educate yourselves and, research for yourselves. The lack of awareness is absolutely out of control. To the same extent, that the major problem is out of control ! It troubles many every single day, as to the extent that most of the humans on this planet, HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON.

The truth of the matter is this – when you are forced to wake up, and you will be, you will have NO IDEA how you arrived at the point you then find yourselves in. I’m not alone here in this considerable worry for humanity. All the people I listen to on Alternative Media, are absolutely staggered as to how many are still “Asleepwalking”. This is really not a good thing at all. At a rough guess, I would say that more than 90% of the world’s population has no clue as to what is in the making. You may cheer when petrol prices go down. You may cheer at you house prices going up. You may feel abundant in these times but, I’m really sorry to say “This is all an illusion”.

People don’t have to spend hours and hours on the internet looking for answers. Firstly, they truly need to question why, they listen to mainstream media lies. Mainstream media are there to prop up this illusion for you. Think of it this way. Do you seriously think that information force fed down your throat is good ? Why would you not think to go and research some information that’s not force fed down your throat ? You all have ‘free will’ (at the moment) to investigate and “choose” what source of information you ingest. It baffles me when I hear people talking about “stuff” they’ve heard on mainstream media. Everyone knows about the water cooler gossip and it’s a pathetic distraction based on mis-information.

This is ALL false crap to keep you distracted from REAL issues. Many think that REAL issues are what is forced down their throat without choice. No, it’s designed that way. Most of you already sit in front of the TV daydreaming when this news or reality TV comes on. You know it’s crap, you can’t remember why, but the feeling is there telling you all, this is irrelevant information for my well-being. It’s not to hard to start looking a bit at a time, into more real news. The Alternative Media has so much from which to choose. And “choice” being the optimum word, may not be around for much longer. You all still have choice. And because of the ability for all of you to make a choice, I will leave you with this comment.

“In The Age Of Information, Ignorance Is A Choice”



Episode 10 – You ARE Distracted

Today I ventured down to my local shops to grab a few items and, this is what I saw. It was hanging down from the ceiling and, I seriously could not believe my eyes ! I stopped and took this photo and, while doing that I watched for the “asleepwalkers” reactions. Guess what ? They were distracted by me getting in the way of their trolley’s, not by the sign. The shopping trolley is really a “weapon of ankle destruction”. I would not be surprised at all if we see a “War On Trolley’s” very very soon.

Now if you take a very good look at this picture, you can see there is actually a cloud like entity at the bottom left. This is not the flash on my phone. In fact I rarely use a flash. No, this is the clouded judgement that contributes to the distraction of the masses. A cloud that they really don’t know is there. Rather, it just consumes their life to the point of distraction. It’s like this desensitizing thing. The cloud acts as a desensitizing apparatus for the Program controllers.

There are many things in this world today that enable the distractions to continue. Things like wifi, tv, mobile phone towers. All these wonderful things have been given to us by our friendly Elite, to help us all out with our lives. They’ve been given to us to help us NOT be distracted anymore. We’re busy human’s, so any assistance is very welcome. Being distracted is now a thing of the past. No one ever curses their computer, or phone, or any electronic device for that matter. They’re all Awsum !

Do you think that these things have really helped us all ? With the tidying up of our mega distractions, we’ve actually become more distracted. And, coincidentally we’ve also been given higher doses of the very things that leave us dumbed down and MORE distracted. It’s called mind control or perception deception. How could this be ? The wonderful devices we currently use are in fact a form of this control. All these things have a vibration, some call this an electrical frequency. If this frequency is tuned to a certain vibration it has the ability to adjust the vibrational pattern’s and frequency within the human brain.

Remember the increase in events I mentioned in my last post ? Well, these events coincide with the frequency or vibration that is being fed to us all. You can be on your mobile phone for a while, and actually feel your brain starting to try to match up to these frequencies or vibrations but it’s just overwhelming. You know what it’s like, your ear gets warm, the phone gets warm and after a while, your head starts to trip out with overwhelm. This is what I’m talking about. You get a massive dose all at once. The people that made these things didn’t set them at maximum dose though. It’s just to powerful.

The stuff we all are controlled by is the waves of crap coming off all the devices at once, in a calculated frequency. It’s just enough to keep you distracted, without knowing you are distracted. It’s a bit like me taking this photo. People had no idea that there was a distraction going on. They all looked at me not the sign. If you can move beyond the barrage of distractions, you will go a long way to realizing that it’s ALL a distraction. And that distraction takes you far away from whats really going on. Imagine a day where you will see this type of evidence like I did at the shops. I see this EVERY minute of every day and quite frankly, YOU are ALL distracted !

They say diseases are a problem today. But in all reality, it is the fact that humanity is completely and utterly distracted to the point of being unable to see the real problem. Those in charge, who are controlling this vibration are right in front of your eyes. And you can’t see them because of the shopping trolleys.




Episode 9 – What Will Be The Inversion ?

It’s an interesting question. What will be the Inversion ? What I’m referring to is this question. How do the dots not only distract the masses but, alert them to the problem ?

Firstly the pyramid is starting to rotate. If you are unaware of this pyramid then this post should open your awareness slightly. It’s a pyramid where you are on the bottom and the Elite Criminal Bankster’s are on the top. Now,  The Elites are aware that this rotation is occurring. And as I said in my last post, “They’ve exposed themselves by exposing their competition with the scam that is the “Pandemonium Papers”. You can tell when a ruling class, that hides in the shadow’s knows their fate. Firstly, they ramp up their Agenda so that things are constantly occurring, like the events we see in the world right now. It’s never ending and increases in intensity by the day. They see the end game in sight yet, the base of the oligarchs hierarchy (the pyramid) is being eaten by white ants. The very “Ants” they’re trying to stop and eventually control, ALL of us. It’s a fine line when you have to keep the plan rolling on, while having to pour fresh concrete, onto green concrete on the levels below to combat the massive cracks that are rapidly appearing.

I’ve been on construction sites where this occurs during the building phase. They keep adding floors, while guys in the basements are trying to seal up the cracks. But this construction company has been building for generations. Different Foremen come and go through a stringent course. This course is family run and, has its own criteria you must get through. You may even be asked to contribute to the student loan bubble through this course, stranger things have happened at this little academy. Firstly it’s the ability to lie and secondly, the trait of no empathy. These are prerequisites for membership. This is all conducted through a psychological assessment during this specialist education. Now if you’re actually in the family, well that’s another story. You’ve been groomed from birth to pour concrete without lifting a finger. You get the other guys I just mentioned to do that for you. It can be called “Compartmentalization”

These other guys are usually given some reinforcing of their own, in the form of scaffolding. This scaffolding is extremely strong and is medically inserted into the backs of these new construction workers. They’re known as puppet strings. You see, the guy from the family has these guys strengthening up the cracking concrete slabs in the basement, on these strings. You may know these new construction workers as Politicians. They do the course, and then conduct damage control for all of us to see. They work for the pyramid owner, not us !

Moving onto the dot question I mentioned earlier. The dots are all the little things that distract the workers from getting to the real source of the pain in their backs. Say, a lack of the glue to put those pesky cracks back together. Or, the concrete truck is running late and they don’t know whether to take lunch. Or even, the guy holding the strings gets them tangled a bit in the breeze. When these types of things occur, we will call them “the dots”. What happens is production starts to slow down with the distraction caused by the dots. Now if we use this analogy in proper context for example, the little things that distract us, we see that at the end of the day, the basement is still not secure.

How about if I said that your entire life, is a distraction from what’s really going on ? Most of you could relate to your work place where this sort of time is wasted to get to the outcome, couldn’t you ? What if I said that all the dots are there on purpose ? That’s right, you are ALL being distracted by dots in your life that are meaningless. But are they ? Take away the dots and you’re left with a clear picture. A picture that truly is barbaric and allows all humans to be slaves. I wonder if the dots were to go away, would you all see the pyramid ? All these dots stop you all, from seeing the big picture, but you can make the choice to use them, and put them all together. And it’s completely planned to look like a distraction. You all whine about menial things like you local politician, your pain in the butt friends etc etc. It’s a complete waste of time and energy. If everyone focused there energy onto the REAL Elite, the ones at the very top…..This would end by the morning !

It’s pretty simple really, all the stuff you get yourselves into is meaningless. There is a blatantly obvious top in a pyramid and this pyramid is being eaten away by those  who started joining those dots, instead of being distracted by them. Once it gets to a certain point, the pyramid will invert. And all the elites that those who are awake and know about, will fall from the top like small dots. The people running your planet are a micro, minuscule minority. We as humans are the majority. How long will it take for the majority to wake up and realize that these people are screwed without us aiding and abetting them ? Everything in your life that is bad, is caused by these people. Every single dot is in fact a join-able puzzle and right in front of your faces. But you’re never taught this in the courses you did during your socialization programs. Everything around you, that you believe to be simply a dot or, a distraction is in fact, able to be put together for you to see the truth of what’s really going on. When you awaken to this, you WILL NOT believe your eyes. IT ALL joins together and, everything you see is attributed the top of this pyramid. All of it leads back to that point !

The Elite’s Pyramid is crumbling. When are you going to realize that you are not alone and also know that these people, The Bankster’s are very close to inverting their power to zero thanks to the people who have stopped letting the dots distract them. They’ve in fact, started connecting them up and that is causing massive cracks in the basement. Just like the dollars the Bankster prints will go back to zero, so will they. My final questions are these…. Are you going to use glue to fix the concrete for them ? Or, Are you going to start loving yourselves and collectively blow the pyramid upside down with one collective breath ? Because humanity has the power to do just that to these slave traders. You all spend a lot of time self medicating to alleviate the pain. The pain of all the scaffold hooks in your backs and the dots. These wounds can heal for they are just cuts to your skin. How about looking deep within those wounds before they heal and, seeing the reflection in the gloss of the wound of an Inverted Pyramid ?


Episode 8 – My Pain Is Worse Than Your Mental Illness

People have problems in their lives sometimes. Sometimes they have to go to hospital to have an operation after being in pain for a few weeks or months. The have what’s called physical pain. Pain that they know will go away in a mere couple of weeks after their operation. Because the doctor said so. They talk about their ordeal with multiple listeners constantly. They even have people ask them “How are you after the nightmare you just endured ?” They have people taking an interest. The poor darlings. These events usually last for a while and everyone concerned can sigh with relief that the patient is better now.

If you have a mental illness on the other hand, this is far from the case. They have physical, mental AND emotional pain. They get the complete opposite ! For there is no cast or stitches to show off, nothing at all, it’s all hidden. Whereas, people just use the cast and stitches experience speech that is memorized and, replayed over and over again to adorning crowds. With mental illness, you don’t talk of your constant physical, mental AND emotional pain. You can’t really because it’s there all the time and a constant ordeal. These others though, because they’ve never had anything go wrong before, seem to have a license to whinge. It’s called contrast. They have contrast to see that there’s another thing in their chaotic lives. Mentally ill don’t have that. They just have the chaos. For them a good day once a month is their contrast. It’s the opposite scenario and it NEVER goes away !

So let’s say the one with the mental illness has 1 month of good, out of an entire year. And scars and stitches has one bad month out of a year. Who is acknowledged in this scenario ?

Remember the facts, the mentally ill have the nightmare for 90% of the year and see NO acknowledgement.

The scars and stitches have a nightmare for 10% of the same year. And they receive 90% acknowledgement with a willing participating audience.

I’m still trying to work out why this occurs ! Someone who struggles for 10% of a year gets 90% acknowledgement for their hard fought nightmare. Maybe it’s the mentally ill that’s to blame ? Maybe they don’t stand up and say “what about me?” Well, the mentally ill are not like that at all. They don’t want the audience or the acknowledgement, that’s not what this is about. It’s about this ludicrous ignorance towards people who daily, deal with the stresses that scars and stitches had to deal with for that 10%. The mentally ill just battle on with no encouragement from family or friends in most cases. Yet they sit back and watch as scars and stitches broadcast their desperate times to a wide audience of completely ignorant people. I’m yet to work this out this bizzare paradigm. It seems to me that, the mentally ill are clearly not respected. These are facts that I see daily from people who only feel for someone, that has a temporary ailment.

Those who are hit with a mental illness are far more aware of their surroundings and, everything that is going on around them. These people really don’t care about all the scars and stitches because, what they learn about human consciousness through their involuntary dark times makes them so strong, that scars and stitches are seen as those, who are never given the full opportunity to go from the top of the emotional spectrum, all the way to the bottom. And what that does for them is, make them able to collect data and strength like no other and obtain a complete inside into ANYONE they come into contact with. He or She with the mental illness, will blow you away, as you are always being read……just by the vibration you give off. And if your vibration doesn’t match there’s, you will not be tolerated. Because ONLY a vibration that has empathy and or “lived experience” will be allowed into the aura of the mentally ill and……….”They just KNOW things that YOU don’t”

Ask someone with a mental illness if they’d reverse it and go back to what society deems “Normal”. Your answer will generally be “Absolutely not, I know who I am, where I came from and why I’m here. I would never not be this way, for I now know things about humanity and the universe that you could never comprehend”


Episode 7 – Panama At Low Tide

If you haven’t been exposed to this mega leak from Panama, your head must be still in the amazing world of “Everything Is Fine” What I find amusing about the whole thing is, we all know wealthy people like to evade taxation. It’s nothing new. We see mainstream media telling us all about this leader, that celebrity etc etc. The funny part about it all is, the head on the cover of the manipulated story. Mr Putin. He’s not named directly, it’s his cousins and a few buddies. Do we really care ? I don’t ! This guy just destroyed the UNITED STATES Government Central Bankster’s Proxy Army. And that is why he’s being used here in the “Pandemonium Papers”

The question is, “Who funded the operation now known as The Pandemonium Papers?”

It doesn’t take an analyst to find out the answer to this question. It’s clearly written on the website over at the ICIJ. There’s a little section called “About”, if you use that thing in your hand called a mouse, you can easily see what’s really going in here. Forget about the people named in the documents, that’s never going to stop, and its been going on for years. What I’m interested in is “who funded it”. We don’t even need to know “why”. The Alternative Media was onto this before most people even watched their 6 o’clock news and, saw their droned newsreader and voice explaining that there’s a bit of a problem.

The story is not the content anymore. The story is the content enablers. It’s a bit like the old term “Follow the money” which yes, in this case, that is true but in reverse. Not who profited from it, but who funded it. We see many people using the small apparatus they were given at birth quite widely here. Which is fantastic ! Their Intuition. This thing that is hidden away from society, and a bit like all this hidden money draining out as data from the Panama Canal locks right now, is not used to its full potential. The money just sits in vaults contributing nothing. And intuition sits in our vault contributing nothing as well.

The reason I bring up intuition is because without the use of it by the Alternative Media, we’d not have discovered the funders of this enormous project. A project you could call a complete scam, if you use your intuitive gifts to their full potential. Right now, the masses rely on the droned newsreader to enable their intuition indirectly. They provide you with the ultimate “memorization of facts” that you were graded on back at school. The fact that you were tested on “memorizing stuff” now enables and, triggers that stuff to be used. What comes out of the TV is true and very easy to memorize…..Really ?

Without intuition and feeling, people just see Mr Putin. You will not question any of the stuff that your droned newsreader guy programs your brain with, because he’s also Mr Intuition. So, someone who has realized, through usually a crisis in their lives that there’s a thing called “intuition” starts to use it. Bare in mind, a lot of the people using it don’t even know what it is either. But at least they’re awake to the “feeling” of looking further. That’s how it works. A data leak of epic proportions like the “Pandemonium Papers” SHOULD trigger a data drop of intuition. I’m extremely happy that these Alternative Media people are already using it. How many will feel the other data drop ? Well, that remains to be seen.

But what I’ve been seeing is, many people are just ignoring the “Pandemonium Papers”. Could that mean that humanity has been slowly downloading the “Intuition Papers” over time ? If so, is it just a matter of time before the eventual discovery of the “funders” of the “Pandemonium Papers” are seen in clear view ? If that happens, what that means to me is, the vault door has been opened and maybe, just maybe, humanity is awakening from their memorizing slumber. It’s not going to be overnight but, people I know of in the Alternative Media are seeing an increase in subscriptions and views to their sites.

I wonder if humanity is starting to realize, subconsciously, that they out number the “Funders”. After all, the “Funders” themselves are becoming less and less as, we who research weed out the illegitimate Patsy’s like leaders of countries and wealthy individuals. Could this data drop have backfired for these REAL Elites ? I believe it did ! When you drop this much dirt on your competition, you then leave yourself completely open to be in full view. For you have actually taken away the massive distractions that cloud the judgment of people, leaving the Canal WIDE OPEN for you to be seen in full view. And that is what has just happened – The water ran out of the lock exposing those who were NOT named, marooned on an island reef with sharp coral surrounding them. And that sharp coral……is humanity with eyes wide open, staring directly at who is left. In this case, the ones who stand there, with the most toys and the REAL funds, just lost.