Episode 20 – Cabal’s Large Move – Brexit

The world is watching a small island and a great landmass and these places are rather important to a small few. A small few who you never see. You see the odd agent who has a face but generally, they live in the shadows.

Some of the world keeps going on with what its been doing all along. The alternative media roles on covering the real reasons for what’s actually happening although, I’m yet to hear much about those who really won the vote in the referendum.

There is a small group of people who will never be looked at while all the chaos is distracting everyone. Those people being the 0.0001% of the worlds population. These entities are sitting back directing compartmentalized gofers and agents.

23/6/16 – 2+3+6+1+6 = 18 – 1+8 = 9

9 is completion.

What have the 0.0001% completed ?

To me, they just completed the ‘going easy’ stage. Look at the chaos, look at the manipulated markets, look at gold, look at the people fighting, look at the people divided. Its just begun my friends. We are all about to see a massive upping of the tempo. What does this mean ?

Prepare yourselves for your illusionary reality to be questioned beyond belief. Things are accelerating more than we’ve ever seen. Your reality is being undone and questioned and there are many many people who are not coping well with the massive shift energetically, let alone in their day to day lives and what they perceive to be real all around them.

The time has come to make friends with your neighbors, stock up on food, water, cash and if you have money in stocks, bonds or retirement funds, get it out now. But do it quietly, for yourselves and your family. You all need to get your bare feet on the earth and ground yourselves. You need to spend time in nature, without devices. Regroup and reground.

The cabal is destroying everything you know and love. They are doing this so that within the nightmare, you will yell to be saved. And many will plead to be saved.

Its called “Problem, Reaction, Solution” They will offer you a one world digital currency, a one world army, a one world government to stop the horrific chaos. The question is……….. What do YOU perceive to be real ?

There are however many wonderful people in places of power working to stop this catastrophe. They are in governments, military, and all over. There is much to be grateful for……….. Never forget this.