Episode 19 – Ignoring The Source

These days we’re seeing lots of interesting things opening up for the first time. This opening up is a sign that the Cabal has upped the ante and they’re rolling things out full steam ahead. They have to, humanity is waking up and catching up rapidly. The biggest problem the Cabal faces is the free flow of information in today’s reality. They still have the ignorant batting for them, but even they are slowly changing teams too and moving away from ignorance. When there’s a shift in consciousness even the Cabal can’t control it, and they know this. They’re trying, they’ve got compartmentalized humans working on telepathy now. It’s being sold to the masses as “Synthetic Telepathy”. What the hell is that you ask ? Well I don’t fully get it myself, but there comes a time when you read about, or hear about certain things which fire off major warning signs within your ‘knowing’. Anything with ‘synthetic’ or ‘smart’ attached to it is far from good for humans.

This is one of many things that cross my field of vision on a daily basis that truly shows me how far this Cabal is willing to go to encapsulate humanity in a swamp of dark filth. Their own dark filth that they all feed off. They can’t operate on higher vibrational levels, they are starved in such places rendering them useless. Imagine if humanity knew this. Imagine if humanity knew that all the evil things on the planet were merely there to feed these psychopaths. Imagine how the world would be if humans were able to just “be” in their natural state of love, rather than have to face this stuff daily. We all have this love, yet are systematically having it destroyed by an absolute minority who, if left in a desert to fend for themselves could not get over the next sand dune. So why is it that humanity can’t seem to get its act together ? These entities, which I call the Cabal, are scared shitless of the masses waking up. For one simple fact, we outnumber them drastically !

We don’t even need all the masses to wake up. It could be done with less than half of us waking up. You see, when you get to a space of an ‘opened mind’, you realize that EVERYTHING in front of your eyes, is connected to the Cabal’s Agenda. You can walk down the street and see things like mobile phone towers (sold to you as awsum, yet designed to dumb you down) and WiFi or flouride or vaccines. These are all invisible means of control. Electromagnetic waves of destruction frying our brains and disrupting the natural flow of thought, energy and perception. Yet the masses see all of this as a wonderful gift from these psychopaths. What’s incredibly ironic, is that the masses think a psychopath is some type of person acting alone, like in a Hollywood blockbuster running around eating people. No, this is how they’ve programmed the minds of everyday people using such techniques. The distraction enforced by these techniques, completely moves our perception away from the true psychopath. They are in fact faces like Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller or Jacob De Rothschild and the the most obvious one George Soros. What I notice about these dark beings is, they ALL have ‘inverted’ smiles. Why is that do you think ?

These types of Globalists/Cabalists/Psychopathic individuals are the source of our collective problems. Yet most people I know see that an issue like negative gearing as a topic of ludicrous debate, (which is currently being waged in Australia) is important. But no, its just a side effect and complete distraction. No one wants to talk about the source of our problems. If I’m a fireman and go to a fire I don’t turn the hose on and pour water onto the street in front of the fire. I do all in my power to dowse the flames directly. That’s the source ! So why is that humans turn on the hose and pour the water onto the street ? I run into this EVERYWHERE. So what this has taught me is that people don’t want to know the truth because, as many have said to me directly “Stop being negative and pessimistic”. My question is this “How on earth can the truth be negative or pessimistic?” Until we see a huge shift in perception and people standing back to see the whole picture, we will remain compartmentalized. I’m a little sick of compartments and it’s now time to go to the source and forget about the distractions they (the Cabal) have released all over the world. We’re dealing with maybe a football team of entities here. I don’t know about you, but I see humanity has a reserves bench longer than the great wall of China.

Things are about to get very nasty for all of us if we don’t pull back from our pea sized, compartmentalized personal world’s and perception. We all must expand our awareness to realms never viewed before. I understand that there is fear attached to doing such things, but that’s the programming instilling it’s web over us all. Once you break through a small pain barrier you begin to see things in a completely different way. How can we possibly come up with solutions if we do not know the full extent of the problem ? If I said to you “Here’s the tyre wrench, just undo the nuts” you’d probably reply with “But the tyre is completely fine”. So there’s the ridiculous part about the whole Cabal’s Agenda. They distract us with the nuts so we ignore the road the tyre is sitting on. It’s right in front of us yet we don’t see it.

Our emotional guidance system is under attack to the point of numbness. These silent mobile phone towers and WiFi weapons are also in place to create lower vibration food for these psychopaths. The lower our vibration, the more food and life force for these entities to feed off. It’s rather disturbing to also realize they have no creativity whatsoever. They leave that to us. We in fact use our creativity to help them unknowingly. The things us humans create are fostered by this Cabal for their benefit, not ours. Since when was a military drone for humanities benefit ? What would happen if the people who creatively created those things, actually created wonderful things ? Imagine if all of us looked at the problem/source today. If we all took a look at the Cabal. We all know what they do is not morally right, so why do we not look at the source and act ? Or, is the source “us” collectively ? Well, guess what ? The problem is both. It’s time to expose the source for what it truly is. “The Road In Front Of Our Faces”. Learn about it, talk about it. You ALL KNOW something’s not right….and you’re not alone.