Episode 18 – There’s A Long Way To Go

Comment sections on social media, chat rooms, online forums, blogs, WHATEVER. These areas display the extent of the lack of ‘unlearned’ programming. What we’re dealing with here is those lucky enough to have a voice, are falling into a complete time wasting vortex. Even though many are beginning to work out ‘some’ of the bleeding obvious they are completely unaware that they are falling into the vortex that they need to disengage from. This vortex is an acceleration of the term “Divide and Conquer” and was created by the same people that ‘learn you’, not educate, but ‘force learn you’ from birth. You have been completely MANIPULATED to fight amongst yourselves since you left the womb. A constant hammering that I’m better than you, I know more than you, I’m superior to you, it goes on for forever.

The bastardry and abuse that goes on in these spaces of the internet is absolutely shocking. Even those who are aware of things that are going on in the shadows participate in the constant bickering and arguing. The majority of you do this ! How will you seriously handle a world where the things you argue about eventuate ? You won’t ! You will all remain in this complete mindless vortex until the day you die. It’s designed that way. Some of you put pieces of the puzzle together extremely accurately only to be torn down by other folks who’ve not even opened the puzzles box yet. It will only get worse. What you all think you see now, is merely an mirage of what’s to come. You will all look a back at your ridiculous comments and realize you were ALL being bullies. An exact match to the people you claim to dislike and talk about. Funny how a mirror is never really seen isn’t it ?

Especially when that mirror contains information about what’s really going on inside you. The areas that this all occurs has driven you all to a point where you are actually the same as the entities you claim to dislike. It’s taken years to get to this stage in your minds and it will take years to change your ways for one simple fact. You don’t see the mirror, let alone your shadow aspect staring you right in the face. It’s all a projection this darkness. A projection of humanities shadow that has never been dealt with. That is all this is ! And there’s 2 reasons why this is how it is. 1. You’ve never been told about your shadow and 2. If you were, you would struggle immensely with what shadow work entails.

Everything you see, is an illusion. You are all human. Yet you treat each other like scum. You all do it. The darkness will prevail in this shift in consciousness for longer than you will be alive. We’re in the midst of the overlap. When the ocean changes tides it’s calm, but when a paradigm changes you have chaos. Unless you ride the waves instead of resisting the inner work, you’re on a crash course towards much pain. And all bullies are in pain. Good luck with that…