Episode 17 – Deutsche Prank

There are more people into precious metals who believe it’s not a manipulated, rigged market, than there are those who “know” it’s rigged. I’m not going to talk about the non believers in this post as I’m not going to lower myself to their vibrational level. I witnessed a video on USA watchdog with Greg Hunter 3 weeks ago. He had a guest on, one of his regulars in fact. This guy is no slouch at all when it comes to knowing “what’s really going on” He introduced me to a wonderful little entity called the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” quite a while back. Since then I’ve done some heavy research into this mob and found its hard to find much on them. But if you’re patient, and do really deep research your mind begins to fill and become acquainted with this filthy dark, criminal entity that not many people talk about.

So, 3 weeks has passed since Rob Kirby was on Greg’s show. What I love about Rob is the way he lets his emotions out while being interviewed. Humanity is lacking the open delivery of emotion, it’s frowned upon and put away in the dark, which must change. Rob spoke of a large development that was coming but named no names etc. What he did say was “The people who have denied it, are going to be the sad sack looking clowns”. Well, guess what ? That’s just occurred ! It was a BOMB dropped by Deutsche Bank for the people who are those “sad sack looking clowns”. These are people who use terms like “Tin Foil Hat Brigade”. I’ve had these ludicrous, ignorant, “asleepwalkers” abuse me before too. It’s very interesting what cognitive dissonance can do to people out there in the big wide world of lies and deceit. You all know the bomb that was dropped by Deutsche Bank but, I’m not here today to talk about that directly.

I’m more interested in the fact that this bank has more to hide, like their derivatives exposure ! Firstly, when you’re in deep trouble you generally look to divert attention away from what’s really going on. I don’t believe for one minute that they dropped their bunker buster merely to be good scouts. If you want to distract the 5% who consist of the people who look at this sort of thing regularly, you’ve got to put up a veil. It’s a bit like George Soros and the Rockefeller’s funding the complete false flag that is the Panama Papers and neglecting to expose your own buddies in America and trying to fool the Alternative Media. I don’t think so. I wonder what else is going on ? It’s common knowledge that any large story by the “Presstitutes” always hides another story that no one really see’s. Here, the “Reserve Rothschild’s Bank” of Australia always adjusts interest rates on the day the “Race That ‘Distracts’ the Nation Further” the Melbourne Cup is held. Everyone has the day off to watch grown men of 4 feet in height, beat the living crap out of horses around a circle of freshly manicured lawn. By the end of the day everyone is paralytic drunk, and never knows about the rates changing, because that’s what we do here !

So when a story like Deutsche Bank broke, tipped off to us by Rob Kirby we really need to look further. The bank said “it will expose other banks” too. So, if I’m a bank and have a catastrophic collapse imminent, I’d be selling off some of my derivatives exposure. And from what I here, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing also. To US Bank’s ! Now, would they expose the same banks they just sold there crap too as precious metals manipulators ? Well your guess is as good as mine. But, I think they would, they all scratch each other’s backs for everything else and I’m sure the “Collateral Consequences KING” can palm ANYTHING DOWN THE ROAD. He owns the DOJ for God sake. A revelation like this can be spread across all these banks to save Deutsche’s ass. But if we look at it like this – as a vibrational attraction, these people are completely attracted to each other…..via CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the lower vibration of the psychopath.

My way of looking at things is from an angle not many people understand. These banks WILL all collapse in the not to distant future. Just like their Master’s, they will do ANYTHING at all to further their Agenda. And remember, the only part of the US that’s actually in recovery is the business of building bunkers and hidie holes for these Psychopath’s. Under ground real estate is now in a bubble. And when the bubble bursts, these Elite’s are going to have a very hard time defending their blast doors. The world is changing rapidly now and if you’re not seeing these BLATANTLY obvious distractions unfold, you never will. It’s Saturday night here in Australia and I’m pretty pissed off. Mike Maloney’s last video did that to many people in regards to depositors cash in these banks. He said they are likely to only have .6 of a cent for every dollar. But you’ll never be told or SEE that……because there’s ALWAYS a distraction containing smoke mirrors and a hell of a lot of lies, deceit and pure bullshit.

“The important thing to keep in mind about Deutsche Bank is that it won’t go down alone if it goes down at all.  If it fails, it will take along with it 3,4,5,6 or 10, or 15 other banks” – Before It’s News

The distractions are vast, they are also planned so trust your feelings on this and many more of these veiled scams, for your intuitive nature that they think they’re destroying through control of your mind can not be waivered ! You don’t announce things like “Fixing the price of precious metals” which is MASSIVE in itself if you’re not ready to pull out the bungs and slowly sink. Wake up people, this is a pure sidetrack and the sure sign they’re finished. Just as the Elites have planned all along. Our world has been crafted and manipulated for longer that ANY of us have been alive……..by Banksters !




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