Episode 15 – Soros VS Rothschild’s

There’s banter out there that these 2 psychopathic oligarchs are at war. Why would they be at logger heads do you think ? These people don’t have feuds, they part of the same team. And this team sticks to the game plan. Sometimes the public gets a chance to be the victor though. Take the Monsanto court case for instance. It was a win for those campaigning against Round Up and GMO crops etc. Well, where’s that court case now ?

In oligarchical life there are many things you need to get done like, checking the gold count, checking the propaganda that you fund is performing well, making sure those who thought they were in the club of the Elite know, that there’s a bit of culling going on and that some members may be shown the door. They’re are the ones who thought they had a place but – Panama Papers at Low Tide !

There are many tedious tasks to get through day to day as an oligarch. One of them is not having a feud with your poster child George or, your Master Jacob. Again, more illusionary information. What is really going on is like a show trial such as Monsanto. Nothing really eventuates, in fact those that follow the events in these oligarchs lives know full well, that George and Jacob are having enough trouble keeping their art collections hanging on the wall.

Whats happening to both of them is this. Some of the masses have awoken. When they awaken, they can find this thing called the internet that actually is used for more “stuff” other than Facebook, Twitter, Porn and internet Banking etc. It’s also a useful tool to educate yourself with, which by the way is better than going to university. With the internet you can find true information and not become a debt slave for the rest of your life, to men like these guy’s either.

So, what’s happening is the oligarchs themselves are seeing a huge spike in the their own surveillance of hits on their names, on the internet. Very easy statistics to get when one of you globalization entities Google, supplies the data to you on a solid Gold platter whenever asked for. So what is the best thing to do ? First, you jump on the phone together and discuss this spike. Then you would discuss the best way to combat the “Eater’s” (as they call us) closeness to each of them. Then, as always have a fantastic business plan.

That business plan is very simple indeed. Send em all on a wild goose chase investigating our feud while business continues on, unabated. Very simple, very effective and while that’s going on, beef up security for next time. What the people neglect to come to terms with is, that these people will stop at absolutely nothing to get the “World Order” into place. They’ve be planning and executing this for generations of their own families.

What I see is merely just another distraction, to keep people searching down the garden path to another brick wall. It’s business as usual ! But then again, I could be completely wrong ! If they are indeed not getting on, out on the croquet lawn……..Something MASSIVE is going down. Just look at the meetings NOW with the globes finance ministers in the country called The District of Columbia !


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