Episode 14 – Shoot Down The Plane

There have been many in history who have mentioned things in one area in particular, that find them no longer able, to mention things again. These people have left messages for all us. And finding their messages can sometimes be difficult. But some days you get lucky and, while watching a video you manage to get a screenshot. I happened to be watching the latest YouTube clip by Jeff Berwick and this little beauty came up (pictured below). Boom, I got the screenshot. You find these little things hidden within lots of different things, even a “elgooG” search will bring them up. But you’ve got to know about them to search successfully in the first place. I wonder how many have even contemplated that these sorts of quotes exist ? Or are they more brainwashed by the law of attraction quotes which avoid their shadow ?

I just thought I’d pop up to the petrol station and throw some manipulated, refined oil in my car just now, so that it continues to move forward. Just 25 bux. It was $1.17 per litre which is AWSUM for the masses at the moment. Thank goodness for the pushed down manipulated prices to hopefully destroy the country that has pretty much destroyed ISIS. I stood in the queue while 5 or so guys paid for their healthy food for the day. Bare in mind, this was 711. I scanned my eyes over to the magazine racks, where I saw so much information, I could not ingest it all. It was like having a television on, but all the advertisements running in pixels simultaneously all over the screen. You can’t POSSIBLY ingest it all. Looking at the headlines on all the magazine’s and the pictures of celebrities, I found myself completely overwhelmed by it all.

I was standing there, with a $20 note and a $5 note (very rare these days cash). It took me longer standing in the queue to pay, than actually putting the fuel in the car while waiting for these dudes to get their processed nutrients. You see this is happening wherever you go nowadays, especially in 711’s. They’re a hive of “fresh processed goodness”. Anyway, what we encounter is systemic visuals to keep the Program constantly going in the form of overwhelm for the senses and brains of the masses. There’s even advertisements on the petrol bowser itself and the actual pump handle ! So if this is the case, do we honestly think that people will ever see things like the quote that I screenshot from Jeff’s channel ? Absolutely NOT ! I wonder how people would react, if I put this screenshot on a banner and held it in front of them while they were filling there cars up with fuel ? I think they’d be how I am, when I see the magazine’s on the rack, like a bewildered kangaroo on the side of the road at night maybe ?

I wonder if I’d be shot down like the congressman ? I reckon I would be. A message like the screenshot can be simple and, extremely understandable to those who see these things. But to those who only see the magazine rack and buy their lunch from a 711, I think they’d prefer the overwhelm that they evidently have no clue they are dealing with. Isn’t it fascinating that overwhelm is the norm. I find that incredible really and a sign that from birth, we are bombarded with all this “stuff” so as to stop us from seeing the true picture. The day comes when you realize that EVERYTHING around you, goes back to one source. A massive manipulation of all humans and how they react, what they do and where they will be in the future. The numbing, dumbing down and eventual shooting down to a level enabling complete control.

If you’re not seeing it unfold right before your very eyes right now, you may want to look for the banner at your local 711, for it shows the plane falling from the sky. Question is, who will be on the plane ? I know I won’t be, my feet are planted bare on the ground. Some say buy precious metals to preserve your wealth, that’s all well and good and extremely sensible. But who is working on investing in there own sanity ? Out in the world, we only see “INSANITY”. Shouldn’t sanity be a sensible thing to invest in too ? I’m not talking about being completely adjusted to a sick society, and calling that sanity, absolutely not.

There comes a time, after years of research and following one’s intuition and universal guidance, that all you see around becomes completely connected and visible. What Larry P. McDonald said is absolutely correct and, I’m afraid to say, the evidence of this and, it’s complete Agenda is EVERYWHERE and, has infiltrated ALL parts of your lives. It’s all in plain sight for us ALL to view……….. If you’re awake that is !



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