Episode 13 – I am Enough

Is it just a dream ? Could it actually be just an illusion ? You know, until you stop and “be” for a year, where all you do is observe, and just realize that things are not quite as they seem, you find it’s not as you thought at all. It really is a game and a complete illusion. The game itself is to find out why you are here and who you are. The illusion has to be seen as a new reality. Most will never work this out, they will never even ask the questions. They will move along an imaginary path filled with resistance. The resistance comes in waves, on and on they roll.

We run around in this quagmire chasing this never ending finale that leads to nothing. It literally leads nowhere. In fact, it’s just a continual loop. This is the great mystery of everything. Where and when should we truly observe what is around us ? When I say around us, I mean the things that are there all the time, yet never seen. Why the hell do we chase money ? What I find amusing is the fact that what the money is made from gives us all a hint as to what really makes us temporarily happy. “Nature !” You have to get it through your head that, happiness is merely an emotion. It never remains constant, like all the other emotions. So why do we chase it all the time ?

Do we truly know where that stuff called money came from ? Are you aware there are people on this sphere who control every single bit of it ? It’s a game and the money is one of the many illusion’s. You know of magician’s with their slight of hand, well this is the same. They have conditioned you to believe that this worthless stuff has value and that you have no value either, without a certain amount. It had more value before it was turned into money. If you have what you need, bearing in mind wants are now needs, the real needs are rather simple.

Could it be that we are all caught up in this illusion to distract us from being who we truly are ? Could it be that the people mentioned above know, that if there were no distractions, we’d all work it out ? Well, there are some who have worked this stuff out. But it takes going against everything you’ve been socialized and programmed to believe, to acquire this knowing. All you have to do is “STOP”. Stop running to the next false quiver of happiness, for it doesn’t exist. You’ve been swindled by the same people yet again to buy stuff or earn more paper because “THEY” tell you it makes you happy.

We already have what we are looking for. It’s right in the mirror, and it’s perfection. It’s simply been “learned” to you all your life that “YOU are NOT enough”. Go and “get lost” in yourself. Let all the pain come up from places you never knew existed. Allow that voice that you avoid all the time to talk to you. It’s just your shadow wanting to integrate to the light. When you stop, allow and integrate the thing you’ve been running from, your shadow, it will become apparent that there lies the answer…… “I AM ENOUGH”

11.10.15 - 1


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