I’ve been spending time today looking at Australian Twitter handles and hash tags. I’ve always known that this country believes it’s special and completely out of harm’s way. Today it takes very little time to see the “Experiment” taking place in this country. I’ve written about people being “distracted” previously but now, I’ve discovered a new meaning for the word, that new word is blissful “Ignorance”. To my knowledge there are maybe 2 or 3 Alternative Media channels on YouTube coming out of this country. With no disrespect to them, they’re nothing like I find overseas. The people I listen to overseas are in fact, more professional than mainstream media here in this country. My research began with these amazing overseas people many years ago because, I couldn’t find ANYTHING here where I was getting the REAL TRUTH.

Here in Australia right now are a list of the most important topics discussed, in order of what I consider to be the most hilarious.

– A new $ 5.00 bank note !
– A Royal Commission into the Banks.
– A fast train on the east coast.
– A Housing Bubble that will never burst.
– Construction Cranes in the sky.
– The National Broadband Network.
– A Royal Commission into Pedophilia in the Catholic Church.
And my personal favorite, a reality TV show called “My Kitchen Rules”. This thing has been going since it was advertised at the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis event in January. The list goes on and on and on !

There’s not been a recession in this country for 25 years. If you knew about a lack of that sort of thing, I’d say you would be like me and assume that the next one, will be catastrophic. But the current “Australian Reality TV Show” continues to rate off the charts. We are immune from anything that doesn’t involve China according to the deluded commentators here. And they all underestimate what’s actually going on there. There’s effectively “free money” here with interest rates at 2%. Low enough for the public to go out and borrow huge amounts of money to buy and sell “used” houses to each other and pretend we are all wealthy.

The private debt to GDP is the highest on the planet at a staggering 210%. The banks have massive derivatives exposure but, they all have “Bail-In” law now, so they’re fine. Australian’s believe that “bailing in” is something you do to get into your car quickly. I’m at a point now where I just don’t talk to people. If you say something like how it really is, they think you’re completely insane. So now, I just keep my thoughts to myself. I could go onto tell you all the statistics in this country but, quite frankly, I can’t be bothered. There comes a time when you can lead an Australian to a BBQ….. but you’ll never make him or her light it to start cooking/silencing the lamb chop.



6 thoughts on “Episode 12 – In Australia, EVERYTHING IS ABSOLUTELY FINE

  1. You have echoed my thoughts and frustration perfectly.
    I work on ships and at times arrive back in Australia with people onboard from european countries for who it is their first time in Australia. As the ship docks, on a no if occasions, I have said to them ‘welcom, to the country of no logic’


  2. Yes, strange utopian feeling amongst the distracted masses here.

    Most of those around me do ‘NOT’ want to know what is going on.
    Family, friends and so called intelligent people. Makes no difference.
    That cognitive dissonance argument.
    Social engineering at its finest.
    TV the other day had people arguing against the need for any guns. Who needs guns anyway. Perfectly sensible if you live in a world where what you see is in fact the reality. But we dont, though the talking heads have no idea of this thus cannot contemplate a scenario where guns might be required. Prudence may argue otherwise.
    The mining sector is dead and it was 40% of our GDP or thereabouts. A 40% haircut in income must lead to a fall in living standards. But…people are shopping, buying over valued houses, driving new / newish cars, and there is a lot of construction occurring, in cities and surburbia.
    Its a strange disconnect which i feel will not bode well. Our Prime Minister is also an ex Goldman banker and our last one a Rhodes Scholar…both of which are part of the corrupt control grid.


  3. you are indeed correct..Try having a conversation here in Australia about geopolitics or even mention the word ‘Fed Reserve’..you will only get crickets chirping!..Thanks for this article..I will send it out to the sleeping masses here…Don’t expect anything but negative responses from the “Patriotic’ Aussies.. Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi io…Oh and you forgot the number one topic in Australia..Watching young men in shorts 2 sizes too small chasing an inflated piece of pig skin trying to kick it between two sticks!


  4. yep. 210% correct. The few that are awake here, are ridiculed when we talk truth.
    surprisingly. we over the last 6 months are starting to see more and more people open one eye. many close it again. the awakening has started. but it is early days in the land of oz.


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