Episode 10 – You ARE Distracted

Today I ventured down to my local shops to grab a few items and, this is what I saw. It was hanging down from the ceiling and, I seriously could not believe my eyes ! I stopped and took this photo and, while doing that I watched for the “asleepwalkers” reactions. Guess what ? They were distracted by me getting in the way of their trolley’s, not by the sign. The shopping trolley is really a “weapon of ankle destruction”. I would not be surprised at all if we see a “War On Trolley’s” very very soon.

Now if you take a very good look at this picture, you can see there is actually a cloud like entity at the bottom left. This is not the flash on my phone. In fact I rarely use a flash. No, this is the clouded judgement that contributes to the distraction of the masses. A cloud that they really don’t know is there. Rather, it just consumes their life to the point of distraction. It’s like this desensitizing thing. The cloud acts as a desensitizing apparatus for the Program controllers.

There are many things in this world today that enable the distractions to continue. Things like wifi, tv, mobile phone towers. All these wonderful things have been given to us by our friendly Elite, to help us all out with our lives. They’ve been given to us to help us NOT be distracted anymore. We’re busy human’s, so any assistance is very welcome. Being distracted is now a thing of the past. No one ever curses their computer, or phone, or any electronic device for that matter. They’re all Awsum !

Do you think that these things have really helped us all ? With the tidying up of our mega distractions, we’ve actually become more distracted. And, coincidentally we’ve also been given higher doses of the very things that leave us dumbed down and MORE distracted. It’s called mind control or perception deception. How could this be ? The wonderful devices we currently use are in fact a form of this control. All these things have a vibration, some call this an electrical frequency. If this frequency is tuned to a certain vibration it has the ability to adjust the vibrational pattern’s and frequency within the human brain.

Remember the increase in events I mentioned in my last post ? Well, these events coincide with the frequency or vibration that is being fed to us all. You can be on your mobile phone for a while, and actually feel your brain starting to try to match up to these frequencies or vibrations but it’s just overwhelming. You know what it’s like, your ear gets warm, the phone gets warm and after a while, your head starts to trip out with overwhelm. This is what I’m talking about. You get a massive dose all at once. The people that made these things didn’t set them at maximum dose though. It’s just to powerful.

The stuff we all are controlled by is the waves of crap coming off all the devices at once, in a calculated frequency. It’s just enough to keep you distracted, without knowing you are distracted. It’s a bit like me taking this photo. People had no idea that there was a distraction going on. They all looked at me not the sign. If you can move beyond the barrage of distractions, you will go a long way to realizing that it’s ALL a distraction. And that distraction takes you far away from whats really going on. Imagine a day where you will see this type of evidence like I did at the shops. I see this EVERY minute of every day and quite frankly, YOU are ALL distracted !

They say diseases are a problem today. But in all reality, it is the fact that humanity is completely and utterly distracted to the point of being unable to see the real problem. Those in charge, who are controlling this vibration are right in front of your eyes. And you can’t see them because of the shopping trolleys.





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