Episode 9 – What Will Be The Inversion ?

It’s an interesting question. What will be the Inversion ? What I’m referring to is this question. How do the dots not only distract the masses but, alert them to the problem ?

Firstly the pyramid is starting to rotate. If you are unaware of this pyramid then this post should open your awareness slightly. It’s a pyramid where you are on the bottom and the Elite Criminal Bankster’s are on the top. Now,  The Elites are aware that this rotation is occurring. And as I said in my last post, “They’ve exposed themselves by exposing their competition with the scam that is the “Pandemonium Papers”. You can tell when a ruling class, that hides in the shadow’s knows their fate. Firstly, they ramp up their Agenda so that things are constantly occurring, like the events we see in the world right now. It’s never ending and increases in intensity by the day. They see the end game in sight yet, the base of the oligarchs hierarchy (the pyramid) is being eaten by white ants. The very “Ants” they’re trying to stop and eventually control, ALL of us. It’s a fine line when you have to keep the plan rolling on, while having to pour fresh concrete, onto green concrete on the levels below to combat the massive cracks that are rapidly appearing.

I’ve been on construction sites where this occurs during the building phase. They keep adding floors, while guys in the basements are trying to seal up the cracks. But this construction company has been building for generations. Different Foremen come and go through a stringent course. This course is family run and, has its own criteria you must get through. You may even be asked to contribute to the student loan bubble through this course, stranger things have happened at this little academy. Firstly it’s the ability to lie and secondly, the trait of no empathy. These are prerequisites for membership. This is all conducted through a psychological assessment during this specialist education. Now if you’re actually in the family, well that’s another story. You’ve been groomed from birth to pour concrete without lifting a finger. You get the other guys I just mentioned to do that for you. It can be called “Compartmentalization”

These other guys are usually given some reinforcing of their own, in the form of scaffolding. This scaffolding is extremely strong and is medically inserted into the backs of these new construction workers. They’re known as puppet strings. You see, the guy from the family has these guys strengthening up the cracking concrete slabs in the basement, on these strings. You may know these new construction workers as Politicians. They do the course, and then conduct damage control for all of us to see. They work for the pyramid owner, not us !

Moving onto the dot question I mentioned earlier. The dots are all the little things that distract the workers from getting to the real source of the pain in their backs. Say, a lack of the glue to put those pesky cracks back together. Or, the concrete truck is running late and they don’t know whether to take lunch. Or even, the guy holding the strings gets them tangled a bit in the breeze. When these types of things occur, we will call them “the dots”. What happens is production starts to slow down with the distraction caused by the dots. Now if we use this analogy in proper context for example, the little things that distract us, we see that at the end of the day, the basement is still not secure.

How about if I said that your entire life, is a distraction from what’s really going on ? Most of you could relate to your work place where this sort of time is wasted to get to the outcome, couldn’t you ? What if I said that all the dots are there on purpose ? That’s right, you are ALL being distracted by dots in your life that are meaningless. But are they ? Take away the dots and you’re left with a clear picture. A picture that truly is barbaric and allows all humans to be slaves. I wonder if the dots were to go away, would you all see the pyramid ? All these dots stop you all, from seeing the big picture, but you can make the choice to use them, and put them all together. And it’s completely planned to look like a distraction. You all whine about menial things like you local politician, your pain in the butt friends etc etc. It’s a complete waste of time and energy. If everyone focused there energy onto the REAL Elite, the ones at the very top…..This would end by the morning !

It’s pretty simple really, all the stuff you get yourselves into is meaningless. There is a blatantly obvious top in a pyramid and this pyramid is being eaten away by those  who started joining those dots, instead of being distracted by them. Once it gets to a certain point, the pyramid will invert. And all the elites that those who are awake and know about, will fall from the top like small dots. The people running your planet are a micro, minuscule minority. We as humans are the majority. How long will it take for the majority to wake up and realize that these people are screwed without us aiding and abetting them ? Everything in your life that is bad, is caused by these people. Every single dot is in fact a join-able puzzle and right in front of your faces. But you’re never taught this in the courses you did during your socialization programs. Everything around you, that you believe to be simply a dot or, a distraction is in fact, able to be put together for you to see the truth of what’s really going on. When you awaken to this, you WILL NOT believe your eyes. IT ALL joins together and, everything you see is attributed the top of this pyramid. All of it leads back to that point !

The Elite’s Pyramid is crumbling. When are you going to realize that you are not alone and also know that these people, The Bankster’s are very close to inverting their power to zero thanks to the people who have stopped letting the dots distract them. They’ve in fact, started connecting them up and that is causing massive cracks in the basement. Just like the dollars the Bankster prints will go back to zero, so will they. My final questions are these…. Are you going to use glue to fix the concrete for them ? Or, Are you going to start loving yourselves and collectively blow the pyramid upside down with one collective breath ? Because humanity has the power to do just that to these slave traders. You all spend a lot of time self medicating to alleviate the pain. The pain of all the scaffold hooks in your backs and the dots. These wounds can heal for they are just cuts to your skin. How about looking deep within those wounds before they heal and, seeing the reflection in the gloss of the wound of an Inverted Pyramid ?



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