Episode 8 – My Pain Is Worse Than Your Mental Illness

People have problems in their lives sometimes. Sometimes they have to go to hospital to have an operation after being in pain for a few weeks or months. The have what’s called physical pain. Pain that they know will go away in a mere couple of weeks after their operation. Because the doctor said so. They talk about their ordeal with multiple listeners constantly. They even have people ask them “How are you after the nightmare you just endured ?” They have people taking an interest. The poor darlings. These events usually last for a while and everyone concerned can sigh with relief that the patient is better now.

If you have a mental illness on the other hand, this is far from the case. They have physical, mental AND emotional pain. They get the complete opposite ! For there is no cast or stitches to show off, nothing at all, it’s all hidden. Whereas, people just use the cast and stitches experience speech that is memorized and, replayed over and over again to adorning crowds. With mental illness, you don’t talk of your constant physical, mental AND emotional pain. You can’t really because it’s there all the time and a constant ordeal. These others though, because they’ve never had anything go wrong before, seem to have a license to whinge. It’s called contrast. They have contrast to see that there’s another thing in their chaotic lives. Mentally ill don’t have that. They just have the chaos. For them a good day once a month is their contrast. It’s the opposite scenario and it NEVER goes away !

So let’s say the one with the mental illness has 1 month of good, out of an entire year. And scars and stitches has one bad month out of a year. Who is acknowledged in this scenario ?

Remember the facts, the mentally ill have the nightmare for 90% of the year and see NO acknowledgement.

The scars and stitches have a nightmare for 10% of the same year. And they receive 90% acknowledgement with a willing participating audience.

I’m still trying to work out why this occurs ! Someone who struggles for 10% of a year gets 90% acknowledgement for their hard fought nightmare. Maybe it’s the mentally ill that’s to blame ? Maybe they don’t stand up and say “what about me?” Well, the mentally ill are not like that at all. They don’t want the audience or the acknowledgement, that’s not what this is about. It’s about this ludicrous ignorance towards people who daily, deal with the stresses that scars and stitches had to deal with for that 10%. The mentally ill just battle on with no encouragement from family or friends in most cases. Yet they sit back and watch as scars and stitches broadcast their desperate times to a wide audience of completely ignorant people. I’m yet to work this out this bizzare paradigm. It seems to me that, the mentally ill are clearly not respected. These are facts that I see daily from people who only feel for someone, that has a temporary ailment.

Those who are hit with a mental illness are far more aware of their surroundings and, everything that is going on around them. These people really don’t care about all the scars and stitches because, what they learn about human consciousness through their involuntary dark times makes them so strong, that scars and stitches are seen as those, who are never given the full opportunity to go from the top of the emotional spectrum, all the way to the bottom. And what that does for them is, make them able to collect data and strength like no other and obtain a complete inside into ANYONE they come into contact with. He or She with the mental illness, will blow you away, as you are always being read……just by the vibration you give off. And if your vibration doesn’t match there’s, you will not be tolerated. Because ONLY a vibration that has empathy and or “lived experience” will be allowed into the aura of the mentally ill and……….”They just KNOW things that YOU don’t”

Ask someone with a mental illness if they’d reverse it and go back to what society deems “Normal”. Your answer will generally be “Absolutely not, I know who I am, where I came from and why I’m here. I would never not be this way, for I now know things about humanity and the universe that you could never comprehend”



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