Episode 7 – Panama At Low Tide

If you haven’t been exposed to this mega leak from Panama, your head must be still in the amazing world of “Everything Is Fine” What I find amusing about the whole thing is, we all know wealthy people like to evade taxation. It’s nothing new. We see mainstream media telling us all about this leader, that celebrity etc etc. The funny part about it all is, the head on the cover of the manipulated story. Mr Putin. He’s not named directly, it’s his cousins and a few buddies. Do we really care ? I don’t ! This guy just destroyed the UNITED STATES Government Central Bankster’s Proxy Army. And that is why he’s being used here in the “Pandemonium Papers”

The question is, “Who funded the operation now known as The Pandemonium Papers?”

It doesn’t take an analyst to find out the answer to this question. It’s clearly written on the website over at the ICIJ. There’s a little section called “About”, if you use that thing in your hand called a mouse, you can easily see what’s really going in here. Forget about the people named in the documents, that’s never going to stop, and its been going on for years. What I’m interested in is “who funded it”. We don’t even need to know “why”. The Alternative Media was onto this before most people even watched their 6 o’clock news and, saw their droned newsreader and voice explaining that there’s a bit of a problem.

The story is not the content anymore. The story is the content enablers. It’s a bit like the old term “Follow the money” which yes, in this case, that is true but in reverse. Not who profited from it, but who funded it. We see many people using the small apparatus they were given at birth quite widely here. Which is fantastic ! Their Intuition. This thing that is hidden away from society, and a bit like all this hidden money draining out as data from the Panama Canal locks right now, is not used to its full potential. The money just sits in vaults contributing nothing. And intuition sits in our vault contributing nothing as well.

The reason I bring up intuition is because without the use of it by the Alternative Media, we’d not have discovered the funders of this enormous project. A project you could call a complete scam, if you use your intuitive gifts to their full potential. Right now, the masses rely on the droned newsreader to enable their intuition indirectly. They provide you with the ultimate “memorization of facts” that you were graded on back at school. The fact that you were tested on “memorizing stuff” now enables and, triggers that stuff to be used. What comes out of the TV is true and very easy to memorize…..Really ?

Without intuition and feeling, people just see Mr Putin. You will not question any of the stuff that your droned newsreader guy programs your brain with, because he’s also Mr Intuition. So, someone who has realized, through usually a crisis in their lives that there’s a thing called “intuition” starts to use it. Bare in mind, a lot of the people using it don’t even know what it is either. But at least they’re awake to the “feeling” of looking further. That’s how it works. A data leak of epic proportions like the “Pandemonium Papers” SHOULD trigger a data drop of intuition. I’m extremely happy that these Alternative Media people are already using it. How many will feel the other data drop ? Well, that remains to be seen.

But what I’ve been seeing is, many people are just ignoring the “Pandemonium Papers”. Could that mean that humanity has been slowly downloading the “Intuition Papers” over time ? If so, is it just a matter of time before the eventual discovery of the “funders” of the “Pandemonium Papers” are seen in clear view ? If that happens, what that means to me is, the vault door has been opened and maybe, just maybe, humanity is awakening from their memorizing slumber. It’s not going to be overnight but, people I know of in the Alternative Media are seeing an increase in subscriptions and views to their sites.

I wonder if humanity is starting to realize, subconsciously, that they out number the “Funders”. After all, the “Funders” themselves are becoming less and less as, we who research weed out the illegitimate Patsy’s like leaders of countries and wealthy individuals. Could this data drop have backfired for these REAL Elites ? I believe it did ! When you drop this much dirt on your competition, you then leave yourself completely open to be in full view. For you have actually taken away the massive distractions that cloud the judgment of people, leaving the Canal WIDE OPEN for you to be seen in full view. And that is what has just happened – The water ran out of the lock exposing those who were NOT named, marooned on an island reef with sharp coral surrounding them. And that sharp coral……is humanity with eyes wide open, staring directly at who is left. In this case, the ones who stand there, with the most toys and the REAL funds, just lost.



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