Episode 6 – Blame Mental Illness

Today I listened to one of my favorite alternative media sources interview a young millennial woman. She seemed to know what she was talking about and was very well researched. They were chatting about all sorts of things like, privacy and rights of the individual etc. They also spoke of how we can only get away from this sort of thing if we go totally off grid. Which is correct of course. She was explaining how her countrymen and women seem to think they’re better than their neighbor’s, the US. Maybe a class thing, you know.

She then went on to talk about guns, and shootings in the US. She was pro guns (do what you like, doesn’t worry me) She proceeded to say that ALL school shootings are committed by the mentally ill. Evidently she had no idea what she was talking about, let alone experienced ANY “Lived Experience”. When someone who has been through, and continues to go through, and manage their mental illness, those sorts of comments fucken piss people off ! This young woman, whom I’m sure is the pillar of coolness in her circle of friends is, clearly deluded in her assumptions.

What she forgot to understand is that she is fighting the very same system that is using mental illness, as its propaganda for anything that happens in relation to a gun. And that is exactly why Obama is now wanting all these gun owner’s to be tested for mental illnesses. But there’s a dark side to that, that I will address later. Her claim that it’s only mentally ill who commit these crimes is plain and simple ignorance, and a clear indication that the propaganda that Obama is peddling, is actually working on the asleep masses who claim to be awake to all this crap.

People who are mentally ill don’t go around shooting people, they are to busy dealing with the illnesses they have and, the horrific side effects of the Big Pharma Psychotropics they’re forced to ingest in the psych ward AND for the rest of their lives. They are lied to about the illness in the first place. Evidently, she knew nothing whatsoever of lived experience yet, knew all about everything else in the world, like all good millennial’s do. With all her research on guns, you’d think she would look into the fact that mental illness has nothing to do with deaths at schools.

It’s Big Pharma that sells this crap to control the masses with the knowledge that one in 10 on psychotropic drugs, will snap. That’s the side effects of these evil drugs. And the complete continuation of the Agenda. Nothing else !



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