Episode 5 – System VS Feeling

How would you explain the current system in the world today ? How would explain the level of “feeling” in the world today ? The level of feeling today, is incredibly lacking. It was never taught to you, in fact it’s not taught when you’re older either. It’s actually frowned upon. You can’t express your true feelings today. And most people have no idea what “feeling” your way is. I’m talking about using the source you were born with, intuition. The only problem, as with remembering who you truly are, remembering “feeling” is way off the charts, it’s so far fetched for many, they will never comprehend it. Because of the constant numbness and dumbing down of society, you actually don’t even know when it sneaks up on you and occurs. It’s that foreign to us all. And it’s been designed that way on purpose.

The system is a bit the same. It’s always there. Yes you get to “see” it play out everyday. It’s like a humming sound, it just is. The system is never taught either. You have to learn how it works as you do with “feeling”. The system is the same in another way. No one really knows much about it. “Feeling” is the same. You can’t blame yourselves for knowing little or nothing about these two phenomena, you’ve been swindled by The System itself. You see, the system actually stop’s you from feeling by programming you. It programs you from birth, to believe that feeling is not good at all. How many of you when you were little, were feeling upset ? All of us, were completely abandoned in our time of need. Remember, all so called bad emotions and feelings are frowned upon.

Today you’ve been trained by something you know nothing about, to completely neglect a few special feelings. The System calls them “the ones you should never release”. The System, that you know nothing about, actually trains you into pushing these “feelings” way back into your deep secret places. They’re like boxes within a box, small ones. But the other box that holds them is obviously bigger. Some say the small boxes are your “feelings”. They say the bigger box is your shadow aspect. I suppose it is actually shadow because it’s dark in there. That darkness that we all hold in the big box, piled up as little boxes is a place where all those little boxes are stored and, allowed to fester and eventually leak out in a projection.

Now ironically, The System that has forced you through your programming to collect these little boxes, has its own small boxes and big box housing their shadow too. Interestingly, The System openly projects it’s shadow out into the world to show us what we need to do. Can you guess what it may be that’s actually causing what you see on a daily basis ? Try to remember what is contained in those small boxes. In those boxes are your “feelings”. They are your emotional intelligence. So what we can do is actually start to open those boxes a little at a time and expose the darkness to the the light. You can do this slowly by yourself where you feel safe and gradually, you may realize that all this stuff in these boxes is what’s causing The System to be the way it is also.

In effect, it all goes around in a circle. Denied emotions and feelings and the projection of these feelings that The System then enforces, just go round in circles and feed off one another. So technically, we are all responsible for The System and all the madness going on in the world. You see because of our programming, we all just ooze out this dark stuff. It’s just a projection the big outside world. A projection of all of our “feelings” that have not come to the surface consciously. You have to own this stuff you know. We’re ALL responsible for the way the world is today. Sure, The System won’t help you to get out of this. It’s already counteracting the whole thing using what it calls “distractions”. The distraction, is the distraction. It’s a form a keeping you controlled so you don’t remember what and who you truly are. If everyone here on this planet were to break free from The System and it’s constant compartmentalizing in boxes, we’d all be looking at a different world.

How many boxes do you have taped up in that big box called “Your Subconscious Mind ?” The world is the projection of the internal world of the entire population of the planet, just hanging to come out into the light. Once that’s done, it ALL integrates and can evaporate. It just shows you how much pain and suffering is hidden within ALL of us. Until humanity acknowledges that this is actually something you can heal on your own, the nightmare outer projection will continue to dazzle. The only problem is, that The System uses all of this resistance to create more resistance for all of us and thus, making it harder and harder for all to commence the work. We are ALL to blame for the world today. We ALL contribute to the system. Will you start to opt out of The System ? Paradigm Shifts are all about “change”. Will you change ?



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