Episode 3 – Depth

Part a.
Does it occur to people that the “chit chat” they go on with, like little pleasantries such as “The weather is wonderful this afternoon, don’t ya think?” is in fact part of their delusional programming ? All of our education system has been infiltrated by a family called the Rockefeller’s. This is a family that started its path way back in the United States in the oil business. John D Rockefeller was the man. He found oil in the US. He was also the first Billionaire in America. And he was the most corrupt oligarch of the day. By the way, his sons are still dong the same great things today, but with even more corruption and what most would call “completely psychopathic and sociopathic behavior” it’s rather amusing really.

After he commenced the tyranny of the Standard Oil company, he moved onto other innocent things. He started off in the pharmaceutical industry getting rid of the useless chemicals that were byproducts of the oil industry, which you all still ingest today. He then, with the help of a few darling son’s, moved into education. This is the education we all receive today. This is the reason your conversation has so much depth today too. What John did was produce the ultimate curriculum to keep the humans dumbed down enough, to merely run the machines. The machines are a bit more friendly these days. They’re made by funny named company’s like Microsoft and Google. These wonderful entities have given us all wonderful devices and data gathering machines, all in the name of fun for the consumer. They are merely a stepping stone to the same RFID chip your cat has implanted in its body. And yet thanks to John’s education programming system, we are still dumb enough to even find the weather on these devices. Aren’t we doing well ?

Part b.
The other side to this beautiful human way of existing is slightly different. It’s an interesting thing that can take place when you find out, that you’re more than capable of running the machines. It’s a time that is completely out of your control. Some never see this paradigm appear at all. In fact most won’t, until the machines they use, spontaneously combust in their hands and there’s bank run’s, and no food left on the supermarket shelves, the very same day. There comes a time, on a place we call a planet, when some of us start to think “critically”. Now this is actually worse than the reality we’ve come to love and embrace, the programmed reality. For it comes with more pain than you can imagine, yet before you arrived here, you signed up for it. It’s not that bad, truly. It just breaks you open and allows you to question EVERYTHING you’ve ever been forced to learn, especially about yourself. The more you resist these developments, the more they will persist. It’s all about something you all hate doing. Surrendering ! There’s a lot of you, who have had glimpse’s of this in your lives. But most of you revert back, back to the programming you started since the rubber glove caught you on your way out. You get shocked instantaneously, and want to go back inside.

This is understandable, for its protected from the unnatural stench of the rubber glove. Those who do go back, have a severe reaction to the fact that the glove covers the truth, and only sometimes they emerge again. If the glove wasn’t there, and you were able to see properly, you’d be far more comfortable with the fact that in the depths, are huge pieces of evidence that the universe does show us, all of the truth. But are you willing to think critically and go against your peers and programming ? If you’re prepared to look in depth at the glove, even to the point of taking it off, the fright you got was not really all that bad. Could it be that just peeling back the glove a tiny bit, may enable you to see that the veneer and deception that you see everyday is merely just that ? I know that you all think something is not right at the moment. Well, it’s not ! So now is the time to stand up and think the way you were made to think – critically and with depth. Forget the program.

Or, are you fighting your ability to surrender to the fact, that you, and your fellow machine operator’s, have been completely had ? It’s all a veil that has been brought down over your eyes. The same eyes that John tried to cover over. He’s not alone in his quest you know. There are far more names that have pulled the wool over your eyes, and are still hard at it today. Do you honestly think that being divided amongst yourselves, is how its really meant to be ? The question is, “When will you move the veil and the glove aside and think for yourselves?” All the evidence is out there to show you you’ve been lied to. The only thing that is real, is your ability and free will. You may have been programmed, we all have. But, anything that gets a download of software, can have it uninstalled ! There’s a place in our universe called the internet. It’s like a library, but with more books. Guess what ? It’s free to research for yourself. Don’t let the depth of John D Rockefeller’s veil and glove hold you back.




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