Episode – 2 Reality

We see that many humanoids are moving through this paradigm shift completely clueless as to what’s really unfolding before their very eyes. This dilemma is just that, a dilemma. What would happen if the worlds economy were to fail ? What would people say if they learned that it was set up that way ? Do you think they’d believe it ? Or would they just go on in their daily lives in the traffic to the meaningless job, the place that they go to earn their tax dollars and contribute to the paying off of the interest their government is paying, for all the loans they’ve taken out ??

Do you think people actually think to themselves, that while they’re in the line at the bank looking at their phone, that it may even be possible, they could arrive at the realization that, all the money is just zero’s ? What about those computer screens that the friendly teller sits behind ? They take your cash as a deposit and then, fractionally reserve lend 90% of the deposit out to other people in the queue behind you. Not only that, the friendly teller tries his or her best to “Upsize” you into some other financial instrument while the extra zero’s are loading on the computer screen.

Maybe what they are selling could be called “fractional reserve “UPSIZING” I reckon that’s fantastic, I mean this is a world where they have things like “derivatives” and “nominal values” These words would fit in extremely well with “fractional reserve upsizing” I must put it to my ExGoldmanSachsRothchildZionistBanksterPrimeMinister – Malcolm Turnbull. He’d have to know wouldn’t he ? Or surely one of his retirement village development business partners might know. Reality is merely an illusion, for what you see going on at a bank is an absolute scam.

There was a man a long time ago who coined a phrase in regards to the bankster’s system. Yet today, this phrase is hidden by the fact that this man made cars. He was pretty much the first. But the quote that he came up with, I believe far out ways the fact that he started the Ford motor company. For most truths are right in front of our faces, yet we neglect to see through the “Illusion” that is placed in front of our eyes. And that’s the beauty of the current illusion. It’s right there in your face, but humanoids are just, controlled robot’s that only look at the ground, for they have been beaten down to a pulp as to not be able to see through the illusion.

What would it take to to make these humanoids see through the illusion ? I think it will either be world war put on to disguise the Global Financial Collapse and World Currency Reset. And these very people asking for the world’s top (illusionary puppet) leaders for them to protect EVERYONE with a new one world institution designed to save us all. Wait till that day shall we, when you’re lining up to have your RFID chip inserted in your wrist. I’m sure the majority will feel wonderfully safe then….won’t they ?



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