Episode 1 – Reality

The reality is simple. We all are completely programmed to be, who we are not born to be. It all begins at birth. The first thing that touches us, is not even natural. Generally it’s a rubber glove on the hands of the person who pulls us out. We are touched by those who are way further into their programming than us. Is it any wonder we cry straight away ?

For the rest of our lives, from that day forward after signing our contract to the Corporation on our birth certificate, the chaos begins. The country of your birth is merely a Corporation designed to profit from every single thing you do till you die. This, is the reality ! Imagine if you were actually able to have a choice on that day ? I know what I’d choose.

In reality, would it be fair to say that we have no real choice ? After all we are indoctrinated into a system where any free thinking is effectively banned. The choices you think you have, are really just nothing tit bits. You’re given a short leash of freedom, enough to have you believe the illusion. But really, you’re a slave from birth till death. Is that not what reality is ?

Lately, some of us who unknowingly signed up with the rubber glove have started to come alive from our consumeristic slumber. Right now, the reality is this – Those who wrote the “Program” are rather anxious. For not even “they” can control a universal shift in consciousness. Maybe some babies were born onto a bare hand and felt real love. There are a few emerging now.

The shift is upon us all, from the Bankster to the Beggar. No one is immune to the shift and, with that shift will come harder times. The question is Will you be ready spiritually ? Not religiously ! How will you allow the integration of this time ? Will you allow yourself to “feel properly” or will you resist, therefore creating more pain for yourself ?

What I’m seeing ALL AROUND ME, is resistance. The Program has it encoded within it. And we are ALL resisting something. For me it was probably writing this new blog. I can’t stand whats going on anymore around me. I am, and have always required the truth. If it is not around me, I have the ability to “know” instantaneously. Maybe I got the bare hands on the way out ?

Allowing, instead of resisting will set you in good stead during these times. You will not see the end of all this in your lifetime, because the switch over between Ages takes years. An Age is 2000+ years. So prepare yourselves for a long change over. I’ll be here, writing stuff that may help a few who arrived via a bare hand.




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