Episode 20 – Cabal’s Large Move – Brexit

The world is watching a small island and a great landmass and these places are rather important to a small few. A small few who you never see. You see the odd agent who has a face but generally, they live in the shadows.

Some of the world keeps going on with what its been doing all along. The alternative media roles on covering the real reasons for what’s actually happening although, I’m yet to hear much about those who really won the vote in the referendum.

There is a small group of people who will never be looked at while all the chaos is distracting everyone. Those people being the 0.0001% of the worlds population. These entities are sitting back directing compartmentalized gofers and agents.

23/6/16 – 2+3+6+1+6 = 18 – 1+8 = 9

9 is completion.

What have the 0.0001% completed ?

To me, they just completed the ‘going easy’ stage. Look at the chaos, look at the manipulated markets, look at gold, look at the people fighting, look at the people divided. Its just begun my friends. We are all about to see a massive upping of the tempo. What does this mean ?

Prepare yourselves for your illusionary reality to be questioned beyond belief. Things are accelerating more than we’ve ever seen. Your reality is being undone and questioned and there are many many people who are not coping well with the massive shift energetically, let alone in their day to day lives and what they perceive to be real all around them.

The time has come to make friends with your neighbors, stock up on food, water, cash and if you have money in stocks, bonds or retirement funds, get it out now. But do it quietly, for yourselves and your family. You all need to get your bare feet on the earth and ground yourselves. You need to spend time in nature, without devices. Regroup and reground.

The cabal is destroying everything you know and love. They are doing this so that within the nightmare, you will yell to be saved. And many will plead to be saved.

Its called “Problem, Reaction, Solution” They will offer you a one world digital currency, a one world army, a one world government to stop the horrific chaos. The question is……….. What do YOU perceive to be real ?

There are however many wonderful people in places of power working to stop this catastrophe. They are in governments, military, and all over. There is much to be grateful for……….. Never forget this.



Episode 19 – Ignoring The Source

These days we’re seeing lots of interesting things opening up for the first time. This opening up is a sign that the Cabal has upped the ante and they’re rolling things out full steam ahead. They have to, humanity is waking up and catching up rapidly. The biggest problem the Cabal faces is the free flow of information in today’s reality. They still have the ignorant batting for them, but even they are slowly changing teams too and moving away from ignorance. When there’s a shift in consciousness even the Cabal can’t control it, and they know this. They’re trying, they’ve got compartmentalized humans working on telepathy now. It’s being sold to the masses as “Synthetic Telepathy”. What the hell is that you ask ? Well I don’t fully get it myself, but there comes a time when you read about, or hear about certain things which fire off major warning signs within your ‘knowing’. Anything with ‘synthetic’ or ‘smart’ attached to it is far from good for humans.

This is one of many things that cross my field of vision on a daily basis that truly shows me how far this Cabal is willing to go to encapsulate humanity in a swamp of dark filth. Their own dark filth that they all feed off. They can’t operate on higher vibrational levels, they are starved in such places rendering them useless. Imagine if humanity knew this. Imagine if humanity knew that all the evil things on the planet were merely there to feed these psychopaths. Imagine how the world would be if humans were able to just “be” in their natural state of love, rather than have to face this stuff daily. We all have this love, yet are systematically having it destroyed by an absolute minority who, if left in a desert to fend for themselves could not get over the next sand dune. So why is it that humanity can’t seem to get its act together ? These entities, which I call the Cabal, are scared shitless of the masses waking up. For one simple fact, we outnumber them drastically !

We don’t even need all the masses to wake up. It could be done with less than half of us waking up. You see, when you get to a space of an ‘opened mind’, you realize that EVERYTHING in front of your eyes, is connected to the Cabal’s Agenda. You can walk down the street and see things like mobile phone towers (sold to you as awsum, yet designed to dumb you down) and WiFi or flouride or vaccines. These are all invisible means of control. Electromagnetic waves of destruction frying our brains and disrupting the natural flow of thought, energy and perception. Yet the masses see all of this as a wonderful gift from these psychopaths. What’s incredibly ironic, is that the masses think a psychopath is some type of person acting alone, like in a Hollywood blockbuster running around eating people. No, this is how they’ve programmed the minds of everyday people using such techniques. The distraction enforced by these techniques, completely moves our perception away from the true psychopath. They are in fact faces like Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller or Jacob De Rothschild and the the most obvious one George Soros. What I notice about these dark beings is, they ALL have ‘inverted’ smiles. Why is that do you think ?

These types of Globalists/Cabalists/Psychopathic individuals are the source of our collective problems. Yet most people I know see that an issue like negative gearing as a topic of ludicrous debate, (which is currently being waged in Australia) is important. But no, its just a side effect and complete distraction. No one wants to talk about the source of our problems. If I’m a fireman and go to a fire I don’t turn the hose on and pour water onto the street in front of the fire. I do all in my power to dowse the flames directly. That’s the source ! So why is that humans turn on the hose and pour the water onto the street ? I run into this EVERYWHERE. So what this has taught me is that people don’t want to know the truth because, as many have said to me directly “Stop being negative and pessimistic”. My question is this “How on earth can the truth be negative or pessimistic?” Until we see a huge shift in perception and people standing back to see the whole picture, we will remain compartmentalized. I’m a little sick of compartments and it’s now time to go to the source and forget about the distractions they (the Cabal) have released all over the world. We’re dealing with maybe a football team of entities here. I don’t know about you, but I see humanity has a reserves bench longer than the great wall of China.

Things are about to get very nasty for all of us if we don’t pull back from our pea sized, compartmentalized personal world’s and perception. We all must expand our awareness to realms never viewed before. I understand that there is fear attached to doing such things, but that’s the programming instilling it’s web over us all. Once you break through a small pain barrier you begin to see things in a completely different way. How can we possibly come up with solutions if we do not know the full extent of the problem ? If I said to you “Here’s the tyre wrench, just undo the nuts” you’d probably reply with “But the tyre is completely fine”. So there’s the ridiculous part about the whole Cabal’s Agenda. They distract us with the nuts so we ignore the road the tyre is sitting on. It’s right in front of us yet we don’t see it.

Our emotional guidance system is under attack to the point of numbness. These silent mobile phone towers and WiFi weapons are also in place to create lower vibration food for these psychopaths. The lower our vibration, the more food and life force for these entities to feed off. It’s rather disturbing to also realize they have no creativity whatsoever. They leave that to us. We in fact use our creativity to help them unknowingly. The things us humans create are fostered by this Cabal for their benefit, not ours. Since when was a military drone for humanities benefit ? What would happen if the people who creatively created those things, actually created wonderful things ? Imagine if all of us looked at the problem/source today. If we all took a look at the Cabal. We all know what they do is not morally right, so why do we not look at the source and act ? Or, is the source “us” collectively ? Well, guess what ? The problem is both. It’s time to expose the source for what it truly is. “The Road In Front Of Our Faces”. Learn about it, talk about it. You ALL KNOW something’s not right….and you’re not alone.


Episode 18 – There’s A Long Way To Go

Comment sections on social media, chat rooms, online forums, blogs, WHATEVER. These areas display the extent of the lack of ‘unlearned’ programming. What we’re dealing with here is those lucky enough to have a voice, are falling into a complete time wasting vortex. Even though many are beginning to work out ‘some’ of the bleeding obvious they are completely unaware that they are falling into the vortex that they need to disengage from. This vortex is an acceleration of the term “Divide and Conquer” and was created by the same people that ‘learn you’, not educate, but ‘force learn you’ from birth. You have been completely MANIPULATED to fight amongst yourselves since you left the womb. A constant hammering that I’m better than you, I know more than you, I’m superior to you, it goes on for forever.

The bastardry and abuse that goes on in these spaces of the internet is absolutely shocking. Even those who are aware of things that are going on in the shadows participate in the constant bickering and arguing. The majority of you do this ! How will you seriously handle a world where the things you argue about eventuate ? You won’t ! You will all remain in this complete mindless vortex until the day you die. It’s designed that way. Some of you put pieces of the puzzle together extremely accurately only to be torn down by other folks who’ve not even opened the puzzles box yet. It will only get worse. What you all think you see now, is merely an mirage of what’s to come. You will all look a back at your ridiculous comments and realize you were ALL being bullies. An exact match to the people you claim to dislike and talk about. Funny how a mirror is never really seen isn’t it ?

Especially when that mirror contains information about what’s really going on inside you. The areas that this all occurs has driven you all to a point where you are actually the same as the entities you claim to dislike. It’s taken years to get to this stage in your minds and it will take years to change your ways for one simple fact. You don’t see the mirror, let alone your shadow aspect staring you right in the face. It’s all a projection this darkness. A projection of humanities shadow that has never been dealt with. That is all this is ! And there’s 2 reasons why this is how it is. 1. You’ve never been told about your shadow and 2. If you were, you would struggle immensely with what shadow work entails.

Everything you see, is an illusion. You are all human. Yet you treat each other like scum. You all do it. The darkness will prevail in this shift in consciousness for longer than you will be alive. We’re in the midst of the overlap. When the ocean changes tides it’s calm, but when a paradigm changes you have chaos. Unless you ride the waves instead of resisting the inner work, you’re on a crash course towards much pain. And all bullies are in pain. Good luck with that…


Episode 16 – Frequency Control

There are many different frequencies here on earth, some natural but most man made now. Which one’s do you tap into ? I don’t really know why I just typed that question. There’s no answer to it really unless you spend your whole life just outside the ionosphere. But the man made frequency extends out past there too. There is confusion and disorientation here on this planet caused by waves you can’t even see. These evil things have been issued to us all as part of the continued bombardment, all in the name of goodness for humanity, by Corporations that hold no interest in making things better for you. In fact they’ve been created to control you.

The hidden hand has taken us all to a new dimension of violent interruption. If you’re to busy on the quest you’d not be seeing or feeling this phenomena. You would still be comfortably oblivious to this even occurring. It’s hard to break free from those around you isn’t it ? Don’t want to be left outside the crowd. The majority doesn’t feel at all, not how they need to. They just soldier on without a care in the world and never realize why they feel like death warmed up. This stuff is subtle and unless you’ve used your inner knowing or, you’ve done some research you won’t know about this constant infiltration to your well being. We all use these silent weapons daily. They’ve even made them portable with back door portals to syphon off your identity and whole life. The name of the game here is a soft hum that barely raises the eyebrows.

Can you imagine if humans woke up and realized that all of this frequency is designed to keep you in a state that renders you only able to run the machines ? What would you think about that ? The double, if not triple effect of one thing in our lives is designed to leave you in a confused state all day and all night. It’s designed to have us all walking zombies while pulling that data out based on a connection to a grid of location surveillance. They always kill more than 2 birds with the one stone don’t they ? This warfare conducted by our governments is out of control. So next time you find time to stop, always remember that the clouded feeling in your brain is only coming from an invisible source provided by those who supposedly protect you. And they sold it all to you in the name of technology to help you get by.


Episode 17 – Deutsche Prank

There are more people into precious metals who believe it’s not a manipulated, rigged market, than there are those who “know” it’s rigged. I’m not going to talk about the non believers in this post as I’m not going to lower myself to their vibrational level. I witnessed a video on USA watchdog with Greg Hunter 3 weeks ago. He had a guest on, one of his regulars in fact. This guy is no slouch at all when it comes to knowing “what’s really going on” He introduced me to a wonderful little entity called the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” quite a while back. Since then I’ve done some heavy research into this mob and found its hard to find much on them. But if you’re patient, and do really deep research your mind begins to fill and become acquainted with this filthy dark, criminal entity that not many people talk about.

So, 3 weeks has passed since Rob Kirby was on Greg’s show. What I love about Rob is the way he lets his emotions out while being interviewed. Humanity is lacking the open delivery of emotion, it’s frowned upon and put away in the dark, which must change. Rob spoke of a large development that was coming but named no names etc. What he did say was “The people who have denied it, are going to be the sad sack looking clowns”. Well, guess what ? That’s just occurred ! It was a BOMB dropped by Deutsche Bank for the people who are those “sad sack looking clowns”. These are people who use terms like “Tin Foil Hat Brigade”. I’ve had these ludicrous, ignorant, “asleepwalkers” abuse me before too. It’s very interesting what cognitive dissonance can do to people out there in the big wide world of lies and deceit. You all know the bomb that was dropped by Deutsche Bank but, I’m not here today to talk about that directly.

I’m more interested in the fact that this bank has more to hide, like their derivatives exposure ! Firstly, when you’re in deep trouble you generally look to divert attention away from what’s really going on. I don’t believe for one minute that they dropped their bunker buster merely to be good scouts. If you want to distract the 5% who consist of the people who look at this sort of thing regularly, you’ve got to put up a veil. It’s a bit like George Soros and the Rockefeller’s funding the complete false flag that is the Panama Papers and neglecting to expose your own buddies in America and trying to fool the Alternative Media. I don’t think so. I wonder what else is going on ? It’s common knowledge that any large story by the “Presstitutes” always hides another story that no one really see’s. Here, the “Reserve Rothschild’s Bank” of Australia always adjusts interest rates on the day the “Race That ‘Distracts’ the Nation Further” the Melbourne Cup is held. Everyone has the day off to watch grown men of 4 feet in height, beat the living crap out of horses around a circle of freshly manicured lawn. By the end of the day everyone is paralytic drunk, and never knows about the rates changing, because that’s what we do here !

So when a story like Deutsche Bank broke, tipped off to us by Rob Kirby we really need to look further. The bank said “it will expose other banks” too. So, if I’m a bank and have a catastrophic collapse imminent, I’d be selling off some of my derivatives exposure. And from what I here, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing also. To US Bank’s ! Now, would they expose the same banks they just sold there crap too as precious metals manipulators ? Well your guess is as good as mine. But, I think they would, they all scratch each other’s backs for everything else and I’m sure the “Collateral Consequences KING” can palm ANYTHING DOWN THE ROAD. He owns the DOJ for God sake. A revelation like this can be spread across all these banks to save Deutsche’s ass. But if we look at it like this – as a vibrational attraction, these people are completely attracted to each other…..via CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the lower vibration of the psychopath.

My way of looking at things is from an angle not many people understand. These banks WILL all collapse in the not to distant future. Just like their Master’s, they will do ANYTHING at all to further their Agenda. And remember, the only part of the US that’s actually in recovery is the business of building bunkers and hidie holes for these Psychopath’s. Under ground real estate is now in a bubble. And when the bubble bursts, these Elite’s are going to have a very hard time defending their blast doors. The world is changing rapidly now and if you’re not seeing these BLATANTLY obvious distractions unfold, you never will. It’s Saturday night here in Australia and I’m pretty pissed off. Mike Maloney’s last video did that to many people in regards to depositors cash in these banks. He said they are likely to only have .6 of a cent for every dollar. But you’ll never be told or SEE that……because there’s ALWAYS a distraction containing smoke mirrors and a hell of a lot of lies, deceit and pure bullshit.

“The important thing to keep in mind about Deutsche Bank is that it won’t go down alone if it goes down at all.  If it fails, it will take along with it 3,4,5,6 or 10, or 15 other banks” – Before It’s News

The distractions are vast, they are also planned so trust your feelings on this and many more of these veiled scams, for your intuitive nature that they think they’re destroying through control of your mind can not be waivered ! You don’t announce things like “Fixing the price of precious metals” which is MASSIVE in itself if you’re not ready to pull out the bungs and slowly sink. Wake up people, this is a pure sidetrack and the sure sign they’re finished. Just as the Elites have planned all along. Our world has been crafted and manipulated for longer that ANY of us have been alive……..by Banksters !



Episode 15 – Soros VS Rothschild’s

There’s banter out there that these 2 psychopathic oligarchs are at war. Why would they be at logger heads do you think ? These people don’t have feuds, they part of the same team. And this team sticks to the game plan. Sometimes the public gets a chance to be the victor though. Take the Monsanto court case for instance. It was a win for those campaigning against Round Up and GMO crops etc. Well, where’s that court case now ?

In oligarchical life there are many things you need to get done like, checking the gold count, checking the propaganda that you fund is performing well, making sure those who thought they were in the club of the Elite know, that there’s a bit of culling going on and that some members may be shown the door. They’re are the ones who thought they had a place but – Panama Papers at Low Tide !

There are many tedious tasks to get through day to day as an oligarch. One of them is not having a feud with your poster child George or, your Master Jacob. Again, more illusionary information. What is really going on is like a show trial such as Monsanto. Nothing really eventuates, in fact those that follow the events in these oligarchs lives know full well, that George and Jacob are having enough trouble keeping their art collections hanging on the wall.

Whats happening to both of them is this. Some of the masses have awoken. When they awaken, they can find this thing called the internet that actually is used for more “stuff” other than Facebook, Twitter, Porn and internet Banking etc. It’s also a useful tool to educate yourself with, which by the way is better than going to university. With the internet you can find true information and not become a debt slave for the rest of your life, to men like these guy’s either.

So, what’s happening is the oligarchs themselves are seeing a huge spike in the their own surveillance of hits on their names, on the internet. Very easy statistics to get when one of you globalization entities Google, supplies the data to you on a solid Gold platter whenever asked for. So what is the best thing to do ? First, you jump on the phone together and discuss this spike. Then you would discuss the best way to combat the “Eater’s” (as they call us) closeness to each of them. Then, as always have a fantastic business plan.

That business plan is very simple indeed. Send em all on a wild goose chase investigating our feud while business continues on, unabated. Very simple, very effective and while that’s going on, beef up security for next time. What the people neglect to come to terms with is, that these people will stop at absolutely nothing to get the “World Order” into place. They’ve be planning and executing this for generations of their own families.

What I see is merely just another distraction, to keep people searching down the garden path to another brick wall. It’s business as usual ! But then again, I could be completely wrong ! If they are indeed not getting on, out on the croquet lawn……..Something MASSIVE is going down. Just look at the meetings NOW with the globes finance ministers in the country called The District of Columbia !

Episode 14 – Shoot Down The Plane

There have been many in history who have mentioned things in one area in particular, that find them no longer able, to mention things again. These people have left messages for all us. And finding their messages can sometimes be difficult. But some days you get lucky and, while watching a video you manage to get a screenshot. I happened to be watching the latest YouTube clip by Jeff Berwick and this little beauty came up (pictured below). Boom, I got the screenshot. You find these little things hidden within lots of different things, even a “elgooG” search will bring them up. But you’ve got to know about them to search successfully in the first place. I wonder how many have even contemplated that these sorts of quotes exist ? Or are they more brainwashed by the law of attraction quotes which avoid their shadow ?

I just thought I’d pop up to the petrol station and throw some manipulated, refined oil in my car just now, so that it continues to move forward. Just 25 bux. It was $1.17 per litre which is AWSUM for the masses at the moment. Thank goodness for the pushed down manipulated prices to hopefully destroy the country that has pretty much destroyed ISIS. I stood in the queue while 5 or so guys paid for their healthy food for the day. Bare in mind, this was 711. I scanned my eyes over to the magazine racks, where I saw so much information, I could not ingest it all. It was like having a television on, but all the advertisements running in pixels simultaneously all over the screen. You can’t POSSIBLY ingest it all. Looking at the headlines on all the magazine’s and the pictures of celebrities, I found myself completely overwhelmed by it all.

I was standing there, with a $20 note and a $5 note (very rare these days cash). It took me longer standing in the queue to pay, than actually putting the fuel in the car while waiting for these dudes to get their processed nutrients. You see this is happening wherever you go nowadays, especially in 711’s. They’re a hive of “fresh processed goodness”. Anyway, what we encounter is systemic visuals to keep the Program constantly going in the form of overwhelm for the senses and brains of the masses. There’s even advertisements on the petrol bowser itself and the actual pump handle ! So if this is the case, do we honestly think that people will ever see things like the quote that I screenshot from Jeff’s channel ? Absolutely NOT ! I wonder how people would react, if I put this screenshot on a banner and held it in front of them while they were filling there cars up with fuel ? I think they’d be how I am, when I see the magazine’s on the rack, like a bewildered kangaroo on the side of the road at night maybe ?

I wonder if I’d be shot down like the congressman ? I reckon I would be. A message like the screenshot can be simple and, extremely understandable to those who see these things. But to those who only see the magazine rack and buy their lunch from a 711, I think they’d prefer the overwhelm that they evidently have no clue they are dealing with. Isn’t it fascinating that overwhelm is the norm. I find that incredible really and a sign that from birth, we are bombarded with all this “stuff” so as to stop us from seeing the true picture. The day comes when you realize that EVERYTHING around you, goes back to one source. A massive manipulation of all humans and how they react, what they do and where they will be in the future. The numbing, dumbing down and eventual shooting down to a level enabling complete control.

If you’re not seeing it unfold right before your very eyes right now, you may want to look for the banner at your local 711, for it shows the plane falling from the sky. Question is, who will be on the plane ? I know I won’t be, my feet are planted bare on the ground. Some say buy precious metals to preserve your wealth, that’s all well and good and extremely sensible. But who is working on investing in there own sanity ? Out in the world, we only see “INSANITY”. Shouldn’t sanity be a sensible thing to invest in too ? I’m not talking about being completely adjusted to a sick society, and calling that sanity, absolutely not.

There comes a time, after years of research and following one’s intuition and universal guidance, that all you see around becomes completely connected and visible. What Larry P. McDonald said is absolutely correct and, I’m afraid to say, the evidence of this and, it’s complete Agenda is EVERYWHERE and, has infiltrated ALL parts of your lives. It’s all in plain sight for us ALL to view……….. If you’re awake that is !